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The Next Photographer

“The Next Photographer” initiative by Blue Wave is an idea to promote talented people aspiring to be photographers or models. It gives an equal chance to everyone for the same and work with us.

The idea and the procedure is simple:

  • You mail us a picture which you really like and want to be posted by us.
  • Upon verification of the picture authenticity and quality, our team will give it a run on our social media pages.
  • The picture will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook page.
  • You stand to be rewarded for the picture, either in the form of % discount or money discount through a gift voucher by us and in some special cases direct payment. The value would be up to 300 INR, no conditions attached, depending on the picture quality as assessed by our team.
  • If the picture crosses the mark of 50 likes on either of the platform, you will again be awarded up to 300 INR depending on the impact as assessed by our team.
  • If you are interested in a CAREER with us, please contact us for further details.

Through this initiative, we aim to give everyone a chance to earn a few extra bucks.



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